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12 book reading list to prepare for the future until Singularity

We should never stop learning. Books are a great way to learn. It can be facts or fiction. Sometimes both are hard to keep apart.

Technology fells like magic

Following 12 books I recommend to read:


Charles Stross – Accelerando

Fiction, however very interesting and a soft entrance into the topic singularity

William Hertling – Avogadro Corp: The Singularity is closer than it appears

I love his books. Read part 1 and 2 during one night session. In total 4 interesting books to read. They have more facts and less fiction than you might think.

Ray Kurzweil – The Singularity is near

Ray Kurzweil is a strong promotor of the singularity. His books should be read.

Nick Bostrom – Superintelligence

A-must-read if you are into Artificial Intelligence.

Dave Eggers – The Circle

When Facebook and Google merge. By the way, the new book “Killswitch” by William Hertling is even more extrem than “The Circle”. Check it out too.

Kotler & Diamandis – Abundance

Something to look forward to.

Peter Thiel – Zero to One

The digital world is Zero or One.

McAfee & Brynjolfsson – Second Machine Age

Similar to Kurzweil’s books, the Second Machine Age gives a good understanding of the fundamentals of singularity.

Thomas Piketty – capital in the twenty-first century

Technology creates wealth.

Federico Pistono – Robots will steal your job

Machines are modern slaves.

William Gibson – Neuromancer

Nostalgic and visionary.

Zoltan Istvan – The Transhumanist Wager

Not sure if this is fiction or a warning.

Georg Orwell – 1984

I often fear that parts of this book became true.

Aldous Huxley – Brave New World

And this book got something right about the future too.


We update our favorite reading list from time to time. Therefore will be more than 12 books.