25 future movies to watch to prepare for singularity

Movies are the vision someone has of the future. They are like books (12 books to read), but we see what the maker wants us to see.

Following movies I think a worth watching. I have seen of them, some of them more than once. Every movie has a message for us. Every movie lets you think about the future.

The movies discuss the consequences of artificial intelligence, robotics, virtualization, genetics, uploading, time travel, multi-dimensions and space conquest. They challenge us to define, how much control belongs to the state, how we treat the poor and the rich, what system of ruling we accept.

These movies I recommend for everyone loving to think how the future might be.

Wall E

Fun way to start to think about the future for humans. Are machines our slaves?

Ender’s Game

Strategic, some Action

I, Robot

Action, be aware that by 2030 there will be 1 robot on earth for every human.


Action, think about facebook and oculus rift

Tron Legacy

Just beautiful and nostalgic

Black Mirror

Great mini series of BBC, asks some good questions how society changes with technologies.


Action, like Call of Duty with virtual reality


Great movie, will genetic engineering divide or unite human society?


Action, too much dystopia. However Elysium itself looks great.


Our way to compete agains other intelligences

Ex Machina

Watch it, if you want to know, if a machine should be like a human. Artificial Intelligence and its implications. Sweet ending.


Mind changing movie.

Blade Runner

Old. However should be on your list.


Time Travel + Action

12 Monkeys

More Time Travel + Action + old


What is the fourth dimension?


Creepy movie, a must-have to watch. Is Artificial Intelligence our friend or enemy?

Minority Report

That stuff is real. Police can prevent crimes before they happen trough big data predictions. And nobody cares.

Tributes of Panem

Don’t mind the games, but observe the three class system of societies.


Quiet movie. What happens if you fall in love with an artificial intelligence?


Thought about uploading before?

Aeon Flux

Artistic action


Where are we humans coming from?

Starship Trooper

We fight.


I don’t know why. I have seen it over and over.


The best series of my youth. I have named Asgard after it.

Star Trek

Humans are explorers.

Star Wars

Humans are conquerers.