Asgard - human Venture Capital for the strongest AIs

Asgard was founded 2014 by serial entrepreneur and investor Fabian Westerheide.

Fabian is an international expert on Artificial Intelligence strategy who advises governmental institutions including the European Commission, European Space Agency, German parliament, and the  defense department and the foreign ministry.

Prior to being with Asgard, Fabian was founding employee of the Berlin-based venture capital company Point Nine Capital, where he helped launch and invested in companies such as Delivery Hero, together with company builder Team Europe.

Fabian is a renowned TEDx Speaker, regular guest at international conferences, and coordinator for artificial intelligence at the German Startups Association.

As an avid Sci-Fi lover since  childhood, Fabian turned his lifelong passion for technology and human progress into investment expertise.

With the first fund, launched 2014, Asgard’s team started to invest their own capital into great AI companies such as Micropsi Industries, Accelerated Dynamics (exit 2019), Soundbrenner, and Parlamind (exit 2018).

Asgard has a core team of investment analysts and a close network of technical experts who understand in detail the acronyms  RNNs, CNNS, GANs, or NLG.

Furthermore Asgard is the founding partner of Europe’s influential Rise of AI conference.

We are headquartered in Berlin, however we do travel within Europe between London, Amsterdam, Zürich, Tallin, Madrid, Athen, or Frankfurt.

You can contact Fabian directly via linkedin.