We support Europe’s strongest AI companies

“Over the next decade Artificial Intelligence will flow like electricity. Every electrical machine soon will be thinking and deciding on its own.”


We at Asgard live and breathe Artificial Intelligence and look for different ways how to approach it.

Horizontal technology towards AGI

Artificial Intelligence is a research- driven technology. Our goal is to support the smartest and most ambitious teams working on cognitive systems, weak AGIs, improvements on learning algorithms, swarm intelligence, and motivated cognitive agents.

Do you have a concept, to make machines smarter and AIs stronger? Then feel free to reach out to us anytime via deal@asgard.vc

Vertical Applied AI

As a horizontal technology, Artificial Intelligence can be applied at every industry, and in every job and situation. However it takes sufficient data, the right frameworks, training, modelling, and business model to succeed. Technology alone does not build companies.

Do you have access to labelled data?

Can you solve real problems with applied vertical AI?

Are your  customers willing to pay for your solution?

Does your system replace human tasks and automate processes?

Do you apply AI for security, mobility, finance, manufacturing, law, administration, or logistics?

Then please tell us more and write to deal@asgard.vc.

Become part of our AI family

If we fall in love with a team and company, we provide them with capital for their Seed or Series-A round. We either can be leadinvestor or co-invest with others.

Once we are an investor in your company, we see you as family.

That means we are a 24/7 evangelist for you. We actively promote your company in our network with hundreds of deep tech investors, journalists, politicians, conferences, think tanks, and potential customers.

You can call us anytime and we will be your closest  sparring partner for vision and strategy to build the world’s most powerful AI company.