Our value creation

Enter early

We invest early stage, when the valuations are below € 10 million pre-money. Most of the companies have a working prototype and annual sales less than € 1 million. We discover amazing teams, with a strong killer products and laser focus.

Often being the first intuitional investors, we prepare these firms for further funding rounds, help them to set up legal and financial scalable structures.

Provide advice

Based on our experiences as entrepreneurs and investors, we provide support in various fields: strategy, business development, social marketing, sales, online marketing, TV advertising, search engine optimization, legal, finances, manufacturing and recruiting.

We push our companies to overcome challenges and achieve exceptional results.

Open network

We make active introductions to potential investors, clients, trial-users, agencies, candidates and customers. We see ourselves as evangelist for our companies and support them in every possible way. We push their needs trough our network, promote them in publications, social media and conferences. 

Sell high

We do not focus on build to flip deals. For our investments we expect a long-term strategy to achieve market dominance for strong cash flows, while staying agile and lean.


Our investment process

Phase 1 – First check

First, we figure out whether your startup matches our investment profile. We look at every deal, every startup and every pitch. We work hard to give quick and honest initial feedback. To make the first check easier, please send us your pitch deck (PDF, no more than 20 slides) and access to your product.

Phase 2 – Learning & meeting

During phase 2, we try to learn more about you, your business model, your strategy, your traction and your product. We talk to you (mainly via email), ask within our network for opinions, check your prototype, website, blog, AngelList & CrunchBase profiles and your startup’s Google search results.

We love to play around with beta versions or watch demo videos. Everything that helps us to better understand what problem your business solves.

Please allow us enough time. We like to ask questions to learn how fast and detailed your responses are.

Since part of the process is you learning about us too, we enjoy receiving questions about Asgard and our investment approach. We recommend you check us out too. If we end up making a deal, we will be working together for a very long time.

Phase 3 – Pushing a deal

If we end up liking your product, strategy and pitch deck, we would love to meet in person (mainly in Berlin) or have a video call over Skype.

It does not matter if you are not currently seeking funding. We are patient. However, if you are currently (or soon to be) raising funds, we would like to learn about the size of the round, potential co-investors and terms.

We make co-investments and lead-investments, depending on each unique case.

Phase 4 – Due Diligence

There are a few questions to be answered before we invest. These are often formal questions or questions to deepen our trust in your startup. We like to understand what we are investing in.

Here are some examples of things we might ask for.


  • Incorporation
  • IP rights
  • Previous funding rounds
  • Current capitalization table


  • Valuation
  • Equity or loans
  • Investor’s rights
  • Vesting
  • Size of the round


  • Background & experiences
  • Vision & execution
  • Skin in the game & motivation

Business model

  • CAC (customer acquisition costs)
  • CLTV (customer lifetime value)
  • Sales channel & scalability
  • Direct and indirect competitors
  • Target customers


  • Financing
  • Marketing
  • Personal
  • Technology
  • Execution

Phase 5 – Investing

Once we have gained trust in your team, vision and strategy, we would like to invest. If you agree to our investment proposal, then we have a deal. The total amount of investment depends on the valuation, round size, lead investor, business model, team and market. We operate based on convertible loans or classic equity rounds. If you wish to receive an intermediate term sheet, just ask us for it.

Phase 6 – Partnership

Once we have invested, we support you wherever we can. You are now part of our family. We give you access to our network of other investors, media, suppliers, candidates and customers. Whenever you ask for it, we will provide you with free advice on strategy, business model and your product. We will promote you and be your evangelist on the streets.

If you have an emergency, or just a quick question – never hesitate to contact us. We will be there for you. However, we won’t force you to accept our help. If you want to stay alone, we leave you alone. Just keep us updated on a monthly basis.

Our partnership does not end after a few years. We may sell our shares or stay on board forever. We have no reason to push for an exit, but prefer to be part of a strong, sustainable and growing company. And who knows, maybe we will end up working on future projects together one day if somebody pays a dazzling price for your company.

Since you made it this far, why not get to know our team, contact us, our Portfolio or check our investment focus.

Contact us anytime

Get in touch with us:contact@asgard.vc