Venture Capital internship Berlin

Venture Capital Summer Analyst 2016 – Internship in Berlin

Since I started as an intern in Venture Capital myself years ago, we wish to give back this opportunity. Therefore we look for a Venture Capital Summer Analyst 2016 here in Berlin / Potsdam (link).

What will you learn?

We will teach you, how Venture Capital works. That means, how to generate deal flow, how to analyze deals, how to come up with valuations, how to write Term Sheets and Deal Memos. You will gain insights into Business Models, Startups and Markets. You will understand the fundamentals of entrepreneurship better and have an excellent overview, if you wish to start your own company one day.

How you will work?

You will work mainly with me, Fabian. That means, you can pick your own spot to sit & work. We don’t provide you with a fixed office seat, since we don’t believe in offices. I run my companies mostly virtual, since I am most of the time on the road meeting startups in Berlin.

Additional we won’t tell you, when you have to start or end. The harder you work, the more you learn. However that is up to you. We aren’t your parents and prefer to be your mentor & coach instead. If you have questions, please ask. Otherwise I assume that you can solve the tasks within your responsibilities on your own.

Your Profile

Well, we do not care so much about your age, gender or ethnicity. It is more important that you are driven, ambitious, smart and have a positive energy. There are two roles: winning dealflow or analyzing and closing deals. Few people are both. That means, you might go out, meet hundreds of people, network all day and discover great teams. Or you sit wherever you want and can think the whole day. Yes, if you like to think fast and intense, this internship could be great for you. I never get bored in what I do. Every day is different and new business come up.

How to apply

Just send an email to Please add your linkedin profile and words of motivation

The process

Once we received your email, I will send you 3 + 1 questions. We will read your answers and then invite the best 10 people for an interview either in Berlin or via Skype/Facetime.

Venture Capital internship Berlin