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Asgard is a family owned new kind of investor. We are two generations of entrepreneurial VCs combining the best of old & new economy. Based in Berlin, we invest in the global best teams for Artificial Intelligence, Drones, Virtual Reality and Internet of Things.

Our Goal

Is to make life better with technology. Entrepreneurs shape the future. 


Through supporting startups with our advice based on 25 years of entrepreneurial experiences and opening our network. 

We love

Everything that makes objects smart and connected; learns; speaks; thinks; has a machine intelligence or just looks amazing.


Deals seen


Startups met


We have been founding, scaling, growing and selling companies for the last 25 years. We love amazing entrepreneurs, with killer products and laser focus. We understand how thrilling and challenging it can be to lead a company through the phases of growth. Therefore we want to be your partner on that path to success.

We are providing you with capital for your current financing round. As well we open our network, make introductions to potential customers or services. We are giving you strategic and operational expertise on your request. We intend to enter a relationship which may last for years. We do not aim for a quick exit, however we are on the lookout for long-term monopolistic businesses. Are you able to build a company, which will have a monopoly in your niche market within the next 3 years?

Check out what we love to invest into and how we proceed.

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Fabian J.G. Westerheide

Fabian J.G. Westerheide

Managing Director View Details
Fabian J.G. Westerheide

Fabian J.G. Westerheide

Managing Director

Fabian Westerheide is investor and multiple founder. He is an engaging speaker, committed advisor and passionated blogger in the digital startup industry. He believes we reach Singularity in 2050. Before Asgard, he has founded Germanys largest marketplaces for wedding dresses, was founding employee at Point Nine Capital and worked with Team Europe and HitFox Group. Fabian holds a Master’s degree in Strategic Management from the University of St. Gallen.

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For personal meetings we love to meet at Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin Germany. However Skype & Facetime are your second-best friends. We know that smart entrepreneurs are located everywhere. Please help us to figure out the time zones (ours: CEST).