Artificial intelligence is the most powerful technology of the 21st century.

States use Artificial Intelligence for their economic, strategic, and foreign interests.

Companies apply AI for total market dominance.

Humans face  an increasingly cognitive world full of technological wonders and magic. AI will provide us humans with longevity, prosperity, and abundance.

We are just at the beginning

The million-times increase of computing power and digital data over the last decade has brought us a renaissance of self-thinking artificial computer intelligence systems.

Like many new technologies, AI brings endless opportunities as well as challenges.

AI should be used as a tool to serve humankind. And we are just at the beginning of an explosion of new forms of machine intelligence.

AI is everywhere

Artificial intelligence is already in your everyday life, when you use Siri, Google Maps, search engines, Cortana, Alexa or buy products on Amazon.

AI is furthermore already an essential value driver for security, finance, healthcare, software, advertising and mobility companies.

Europe’s emerging AI ecosystem

Artificial intelligence has become a powerful tool for companies all over the globe, including Europe. Currently, Europe is the second- largest market for entrepreneurs starting an AI company. (Read our Global AI Industry report with Roland Berger for details.)

Europe has the critical elements needed to become a global key player in the growing AI industry. We have great fundamental AI researchers from institutions including ETH Zurich, the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, TU Munich, Delft University of Technology, and École Polytechnique.

Research institutes such as the German Research Institute for AI (DFKI), Max-Planck, or Fraunhofer have helped develop applied AI solutions.

The European Union continues to build a single domestic digital market, including clear regulation on data sharing and privacy.

The European Commission, as well as governments in the UK, France, Germany, and the Nordics, are developing AI strategies to foster the growth of this promising industry.

Asgard is at the core of Europe’s AI industry

We at Asgard are deeply connected with the European AI ecosystem.

We advise European organizations and national governments. We host Rise of AI, Europe’s leading conference for AI held annually in Berlin. We maintain strong relationships with AI entrepreneurs, research facilities, incubators, accelerators, investors, media, politicians, start-ups, and mature companies.

We have been applying our investment expertise and deep connections to invest our own capital in strong AI companies since 2014. In 2018, we launched a second fund to allow selected partners to participate in the Golden Age of Artificial Intelligence with us.

Selected companies we have invested in are: AVA, Micropsi Industries, i2x, Merantix, Soundbrenner, Accelerated Dynamics (exit), Parlamind (exit), DeliveryHero (exit).

We are AI Family

Asgard is part of AI for Humans.